And the actual extremists in Westminster are...?
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Nic Dafis @nicdafis
Pwy yw’r eithafwyr go iawn yn San Steffan?

Oswestry Extinction Rebellion group takes part in local Bank Holiday protests @advertizer

Without our history of civil disobedience, Priti Patel could not have stood to be an MP, or even have voted.
Everything good about the UK's "way of life" was created by people who were branded at the time as criminals.

⚓Greta finished her voyage today and was confiscated near Kennington Park.

This was after about 70 miles of walking and 6 days of outreach and adventure. Three rebels engaged in non-violent civil disobedience at the scene of Greta being taken.
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For anyone losing their 💩 over socialism and XR, stating that we aren’t a socialist movement is not the same as saying we reject socialism.

From the offset, like it or not, we have been an “and” not an “or” movement.