Great to join @XRShrewsbury doing a Do(n't) Look Up action outside the first Shropshire Council session of 2022. Was surprised* to be a told by a senior Tory councillor that the climate crisis is "all bullshit". #DontLookUp

*No, I really wasn't.

What would YOU do if the world's scientists all said "the planet is in danger, we need to do something about it NOW". #ClimateCrisis #dontlookup #LookUp @XRMidlands ExtinctionReb10 photo

I'm a signatory to this letter to the Times today, calling for the Lords to vote down the #PolicingBill on 17 Jan.

If you want to add your voice, you can:
* Email yr MP or a Lord abt Part 3 of PCSC Bill
* Sign Liberty's petition opposing Bill:
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Total greenwash! How can Shropshire Council be a 'green leader' when its pension invests in BP, Shell, Glencore, etc, etc? They are LOSING money through these investments while KILLING the planet

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Shropshire's Pension Fund has just released a report recommending staying invested in fossil fuels. Green Party leader calls it 'murderous to future generations'. Protest on 17 Jan @ShrewsLabour @DemsNorth @GreensSSalop @NShropsGreens @Telfordlabour @LibDemsShrops @divestuk 1/4 ExtinctionReb10 photo