Summer Uprising

From Monday 15 July Extinction Rebellion’s ‘Summer Uprising – ACT NOW!’ to cause major disruption across five UK cities

  • From Monday 15 July regional Extinction Rebellion groups invite people from across the UK to join them in Bristol, Leeds, Cardiff, Glasgow and London to stage a series of beautiful and disruptive protests during next week under the banner Summer Uprising – ACT NOW.
  • They are raising the alarm on why we need to demand of the government ACT NOW to halt biodiversity loss and reduce greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2025. 
  • Each city will coordinate its own unique protest, drawing attention to different elements of the Climate and Ecological Emergency: Bristol – Rising sea levels; Cardiff – The sixth mass extinction; Glasgow – Solidarity with climate refugees; Leeds – Planet before profit, London – Climate justice.
  • A thousand rebels have said they are willing to risk arrest and 500 rebels are willing to go to prison over the actions if necessary. Hundreds are prepared to block cities all week if local councils refuse to meet our demands.
  • People are invited to come and join the creative resistance, including People’s Assemblies, art actions, music, performances, talks, workshops, food and designated family spaces. 

A large group of people from Oswestry area are going to Cardiff to join in this nationwide uprising. Let us know right away if you want transport to Cardiff.

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