No Going Back – an action to reclaim the streets

a montage of images of Oswestry & borders group holding up placards with spray painted marks on the high street in Oswestry
XR Oswestry & Borders reclaim the streets – Sat 20th June 2020

There’s No Going Back to the way we were – even when we do come out of lock down, people will be unsure about being in crowds.

  • People need space and clean fresh airĀ 
  • We want to enjoy our lovely old town
  • We need spaces to sit outside to hear the rustle of leaves and birds
  • We need to meet up with old friends and new acquaintances for coffee and a cakeĀ 
  • We need to chat without shouting over traffic!

On Saturday 20th June 2020, XR Oswestry & Borders said let’s ‘Reclaim The Streets‘ for residents, as well as tourists and deliveries with an action on Oswestry high street. Their message :

Reclaim The Streets FOR LIVING IN!

We can make the streets ‘shared spaces’, so that traffic slows down (we do it all the time in car parks, and before 10 and after 4 in Cross Street and Bailey Street)

Let’s turn our streets into living places – not rat races!

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