November Newsletter

Extinction Rebellion Oswestry
November 2019 Newsletter

Since our last newsletter we at XR Oswestry have been busy and  involved in many successful and diverse actions.

Global Strike   
Friday September 27th  

A large tribe of Oswestry XR joined with Shrewsbury and Ludlow XR people to support the children who came out of school to protest. We met in the square, heard speeches, chanted and met other concerned people. As numbers grew we marched and chanted up Pride Hill to stop and picnic. We were entertained by a local band and listened to many powerful and heartfelt speeches, one from a child of about 4, many from school children, as well as local councillors, and a FOE spokesperson, there was a mike ready for anybody to speak, sing or start a chant. The event was friendly, lively, noisy and colourful. The march continued along to the Dingle more and more children joining as we sang and walked. The whole event was planned largely by the schoolchildren and was a great success. The spirit of Greta Thunberg was definitely in Shrewsbury.    
Next Strike is Nov. 29th

Funeral March  Saturday September 28th   
To mourn for the loss of biodiversity,    approximately 50 mourners dressed in black marched to the slow beat of the Samba band and respectfully marched through Oswestry town.

We accompanied a beautiful coffin  overflowing with native flowers and greenery. Carrying banners depicting the heart-breaking loss of animals and plants. We stopped at the Cross where eulogy’s for our losses were read; a large crowd listened and joined in the funeral songs. We then processed, along with many other who joined us, to the Bailey head for other emotional speeches; by XR people plus Shropshire wildlife and a brownie troupe. The March continued up Willow Street to the town park, where we were joined by XR families for a funeral wake and picnic. For those who missed this solemn and stately action there is a video at;

Autumn Rebellion London October 7th-20th    
After weeks of feverish planning, setting up back office support, arranging transport and supplies, over 30 XR rebels joined the London Action. We were the largest group from Wales. I am sure that you all followed the action in the media and hopefully on the f/b live feed. For the brave rebels it was a time of extremes, of great creativity and sense of purpose, of humour, of chanting, of planning, of sharing. A time of dogged determination and strength of will as time and time again tents and belongings were thrown aside by the police and new sites were needed for rest and sleep. But the overwhelming need for Action on the Climate Crisis meant that people became even more creative, even more united.

Our group were at the forefront of many actions, gluing themselves to the road, to tents to the BBC building, 12 people were arrested and spent many hours in a police cell. Such brave and selfless acts, now they have returned to face court summons, to paying expensive train fares to travel back to London, to pay for solicitors and to almost definitely face heavy fines. This will be very difficult for most of our arrestee’s.  

To help with these costs we have set up a crowd funding appeal;  So for those of you who would like to show your appreciation for their bravery we ask that you donate to their court costs. There is a link on our website   Please donate whatever you can however small.      

Woodland Classroom  As a total antidote to London, James and Lee gave freely of their time and expertise to treat us to two wonderful days in Chirk Forest. Both days were gloriously sunny and under the canopy of trees in their full splendour of Autumn colour we united around the fire. We learned to kindle fire from what we could forage, walked barefoot, made woodland art and whittled our wishes. All this and endless cups of tea and a bountiful lunch. James and Lee are so knowledgeable about the natural world and the nurturing and healing properties of plants and nature. We all left feeling rejuvenated in mind body and spirit. We can definitely recommend their woodland classroom days. Why not treat yourselves  

1400 students hear talk on Climate Crisis
Following on after the Global Climate Strike and the October Rebellion, Thoby Miller gave a talk on the climate crisis to1400 students at The Marches School. He used the notions of hidden connections within a web of life and ecoliteracy to highlight the gaps in human beings’ understanding of their place within the natural world.          The talk outlined the accelerating pattern of waste and pollution that has occurred since the onset of industrialisation in the 1850s and explained how humans have become increasingly disconnected from the natural world; failing to recognise the consequences of patterns of living that are unsustainable. The students were introduced to the concept of ecoliteracy as being central to the kind of changes that need to occur; that once we develop an understanding of the environment and of the other people who share it with us, then we can begin to see that all our actions has an impact on the web of life we live in.       The talk concluded by outlining the role young people can play in seeking solutions to the crisis, particularly by insisting that adults take responsibility for the legacy they will leave behind them and take urgent action.    The generous applause at the end and the positive endorsement from individual students has encouraged Thoby to roll out the talk to other schools in the local area. Tour dates include four gigs at St Martins School during November and a further one agreed for The Corbet School in January, with others being organised for the New Year.

Repair Cafe  The November Repair Cafe in the Memorial Hall was another great success. We had 19 “fixperts” this time, and 54 things to fix. Only 6 were unrepairable  The next one will be in LLanfylin on Sat Dec.7th 12-3pm So bring your broken items, saves buying new ones.

This has certainly been a very busy and productive time, all these events plus our weekly Monday and Wednesday meetings.

Future Events    

Weekly XR Café at Liar Liar from 12-1.00pm Fridays   . Please come and join Elaine, Nikki and other XR members, this is an informal gathering, a chance to discuss and ask questions.

Monthly Introductory Meetings.  Ist Tuesday of every month 6.45 Golden Lion, Upper Church Street. This meeting is for people thinking of getting involved or wanting to know what to do. We cover what we do why we do it   how we do it   and how to get involved. Theres no obligations and people have all found it an enjoyable evening.

Global School Strike November 29th 1-3pm Gulidhall Oswestry    We are planning this months strike to be in Oswestry. One of our XR youth has written to all the head teachers of local schools to ask them to allow and encourage their students to attend this event. We will be having talks, a photo booth, bio glitter and other fun events. Please bring your children, being involved has really helped children with their fears of the future.


Café Lola   November 23rd Rhydycroesau  Village Hall    

Come and join us in our Winter Warmer fund raising gig with Café Lola.. Bring food and drink to share, a chance to dance and celebrate. Tickets £10.00 from Oswestry rebels and Rowanthorn Old Chapel Court Osw.



Thanks to everybody who has filled in the questionnaire on the website, it will really help us to be more effective knowing we have people to call upon. For those who have not filled it in, please do it only takes a couple of minutes. This climate crisis will only be averted if we all become involved.  

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