ACTION… Calling Oswestry to help on Shrewsbury NW Road action.

The planning application for the NW road around Shrewsbury is expected imminently although it has been delayed several times.

The key issue for Oswestry is that Shropshire Council is spending its transport budget (including lots of CiL money from developers which is supposed to be for community infrastructure) on a damaging road in Shrewsbury. It will undoubtedly overrun its budget.

a) we shouldn’t be building new roads and

b) this means less money for the rest of Shropshire

However, we think that we should start mobilising opinion against it now. BeST Social Media Campaign has set up a plan for the social media campaign and are looking for a wide group of volunteers who can commit to re-posting on a wide range of community Facebook pages, see:

People are also welcome to use Twitter and Instagram but we don’t have our own sites for those platforms, some of our local rebels are active on those platforms: @alison_layland @bethany-e-barnes @jonjo

Those who would like to be actively involved in the campaign can join the Whatsapp group via this invite

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