Welcome to Extinction Rebellion Oswestry

Staying in touch while we’re apart.. 

We have a weekly Zoom meeting every Wednesday at 8pm which usually lasts about an hour and anyone is welcome.  Please email us for the link at xroswestry@gmail.com
(Link to our Weekly General Meeting notice on Facebook here)

The Rebellion Returns 1st September 2020

From 1 September 2020, we will peacefully blockade the UK Parliament in London until they act on the climate emergency, passing our 3 demands into law. The Rebellion will not just be focused on London though. Welsh rebels will join us in rebellion by causing disruption in Cardiff.

Read more about it in this post >

Who are XR Oswestry & Borders? 

XR Oswestry & Borders is one of the growing number of groups that make up Extinction Rebellion (XR), an international movement for societal change in response to irreversible ecological breakdown and climate emergency.

Time has almost run out

We will not be led quietly by the elites to ecological disaster, starvation and the extinction of millions of species. Conventional campaigning has failed – carbon emissions have increased by 60% since scientists first warned of ecological collapse in 1990. The time has come to Rebel and call on our government to act in this climate emergency!

We will work together with love, compassion, peace, honour and resilience, using non-violent disobedience in the spirit of all those who fought for our freedoms before us.

We are making three Demands to governments, and in doing so we follow ten Core Principles.

Oswestry and Borders Group

Founded out of frustration and fear, we are a group of people who came together at an initial meeting on 4 March 2019, united by our concern for the future of humanity and the planet we live upon.

We are a friendly bunch of people, of all ages and backgrounds. We meet regularly, and since coming together have been involved in a whole range of activities, both locally and nationally.

Find out more about us here, and join us!

Extinction Rebellion is for all. We call on every one of you, regardless of your political beliefs, to join us in fighting for the survival of life on earth.